Project DD-214

DD-214 is a Certificate of Discharge from Active Duty for Military Personnel. Every Veteran that is discharged from service receives this document. Since we are serving veterans and this car is to be used for serving them, we thought it was the perfect name! Project DD-214 is being built for the purpose of providing recreational therapy to disabled veterans. The car will be used as a tool to allow veterans to experience the excitement of what it is like to build a race car, to drive a drag car, as well as the opportunity to enjoy camaraderie with other veterans.

Building and racing cars is therapeutic and has been proven to better help veterans recover from all types of disabilities than the alternative of sitting on the couch and doing nothing. It is our purpose and mission to offer that therapy with the build of Project DD-214.

We don’t sell drag racing, we sell excitement, mission, purpose, camaraderie, and healing to our nations heroes. Drag racing is just the tool that we use. There is nothing more therapeutic than getting your hands dirty working on a car or getting that kick in the seat when you mash the gas and leave the starting line and this is the type of therapy that appeals to veterans. Project DD-214 will provide these opportunities and more!